Testimonials from Happy Journalers

"Dr. Karin Lubin recognizes an existential imbalance within us and within the world. We are so focused on doing; we have neglected our being. She created a tool to help balance our left and right brain hemispheres, our daily lives, the way we create our lives, and how we move through the world.  Not leaving out those of us with active left hemispheres who also love technology, she created a planner you can complete on your computer. This is rare in planners, which tend to be paper-based. This happens to be poignantly useful for those of us with hand mobility issues who cannot write with our hands. 


With Karin’s gentle challenge and encouragement, she invites us to see balance as a flowing dance rather than a bulls-eye target. Subtly and deftly, Karin welcomes you to the possibility that your whole self is related intimately to the universe’s movements and wisdom. She gives you the tools and support to wake up to how much you and your life matters in our world. If you yearn to create a meaningful life, Karin’s Wisdom Journal and Planner can inspire you to transform and create the possibilities that has always resided within you!"


—Kitty Fallon, Ph.D.,professional counselor and life coach

"Immediately after receiving My Life Through the Seasonsby Karin Lubin, I got so excited that I ordered another journal for my sister. This journal is really unique! Besides it being neatly organized, it creates a thoughtful invitation to, day by day, help me recognize my own intentions and desires on a daily basis. I find it thought provoking and challenging in ways that awaken my consciousness and deepens my sense of personal warmth for myself. I love how this style of journaling guides my own inner exploration while connected to the seasons. What an amazing way to wake up and make more of my time and my days!"

—Dr. Leona Stucky

"Over the years, I have used a variety of structured planners in my attempts to balance my work and personal priorities.  Most planners I have used focus more heavily on either work or personal goals. My Life Through the Seasons changes that.  It has helped me integrate both of these important areas of my life in a single journal and planner. It accomplishes this feat by providing the space to reflect on our important values, passions, emotions, thoughts, and sensations—and then goes one step further by urging us to reflect on what these mean for our lives.  As a result, it helps us bring intuition and spirituality into the ways we greet our day and the seasons of our life.  Whether you have 10 minutes a day or an hour or more a day to devote to planning and journaling, I highly recommend My Life Through the Seasons!" 

—Elaine Casquarelli, Ph.D., LMHC

"I love this Seasonal Wisdom journal. It's a great aid in helping me personally and professionally. It keeps me focused on the seasons and cycles of nature and helps me take time for just for myself to do deeper reflection and inner work. It's helping me stay present with myself, the moon, greater source, and all the people I interact with. I love the versatility of this journal that allows me to note both my inspirations and the actions I want to take to feel more balanced and in harmony. I experience increased strength and endurance in my life as a result of engaging with this daily journaling process. 

Professionally I work with different groups of people—older teens, domestic violence survivors and inmates.

I'm investing in the Seasonal Wisdom Journal professional package for my work as I see this journal as a powerful tool to support increased focus and emotional intelligence for all of these clients. I know this Seasonal Wisdom Journal will help build people's resilience as they rise to life’s many challenges and opportunities” 

—Roxanne Mercurio, Therapist

“I am a process-oriented person but I also know I need to get into my heart. This planner allows me to do both. It helps me to set my intention for the day and have more structure to help guide me. I absolutely love the simple layout because it’s perfect for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of extra time—but I know I need to dive deep into my heart and mind, and that is exactly what My Life Through the Seasons offers me. I wake up and can't wait to journal!” 

—Carol Grubbe, sales manager



“I am still struggling with too much work or too little time, but am devoted to making more time for life to flow. I love your thoughts about the feminine and the masculine, which is also about giving and receiving, driving yourself as well as letting go. 

What I love most about the journal are your profound questions. I really appreciate the list of words for expansion, contraction, and intentions. This opens up a whole new world of precision. Thank you for that.”

— Andrea Danner, leadership consultant

"Want a tool to discover and apply more meaning to your daily life? Want to be more organized and efficient? Want your life to work better? If this sounds like you, you can’t beat Karin Lubin’s Wisdom Journal. But, as the full title implies, it’s far more than just that. It’s a wisdom journal AND a daily planner. It’s a practical way to better understand and APPLY your wisdom to enhance your everyday life. Who wouldn’t want that? As a practicing clinical psychologist, this is a book I will highly recommend to many of my clients. I bought my copy and plan to use it myself. Give it try."

—Bruce Hutchison, Ph.D.

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