• Karin Lubin

Osiris:Isis Solstice Message for June 20, 2020

This is Osiris. It is truly a pleasure to be with all of you at this time. It is a very important day. It is a very important moment in which much is beginning to shift and change. As we speak, you are experiencing both some internal as well as external shifts.

You will notice that the seasons are already shifting, that there is a change. There is more sun light and it is going to now be shifting, in your terms, from spring into summer. It is the summer that is most important to reflect upon, because it is in this summertime that we are noticing that there is going to be a burst of energy, there is going to be a burst of internal energy that is going to want to come through many of you. It is actually coming through many people at this time. There are many voices being heard that have not been heard for a long time. These voices are coming together at this moment and form this immense burst of energy that is going to coalesce in such a way that there will be a new change, a new change for your people as well as for the people in many “star galaxies.” By star galaxies, we're referring to the many galaxies within universes that are connected to all beings. These galaxies are all making a shift. We have discussed in the past this understanding that all things are connected, when one thing goes out, another thing comes in.

So, there is this immediate impact that will be felt by all beings. We are not just referring to the human species as you know it, we are also referring to the animals, the plants, the earth, all planets, all stars, all universes and galaxies. This is very important for you to begin to get a glimpse of this connection because, as the saying goes, when the butterfly flutters its wings, the impact is felt across the world. In your world the impact of this is felt all the time.

And so, as we are talking to you who live on earth, it is very important that you understand that this grouping and assembling of people that are coming together at this time and are coalescing around rights, around freedom, around the desire to speak forth is a new beginning and a vision for what could be in the future. It will come in what you call “baby steps.” It’s important that you understand there will not be an immediate shift. It will be many years, human years in the making, for this shift to occur. And yet there will be this explosive energy this summer. It will then calm down for a moment or two in the fall then it will explode again.

As people come together the energy of the COVID virus will be shifting. The virus will be moving around the planet and it is going to be moving into other beings that have not experienced COVID as much. So, younger people, teenagers in particular, are going to be impacted.

This needs to be paid attention to. And you need to take precautions to help them get the protection that they need so that they can move through their days with greater ease. There is a lot of mental suffering right now so we want to put all of you at ease. This is not a time to get lost in the intensity of the suffering itself but to simply feel it, understand it, then find what it is that inspires you, what piece of personal growth can help you leap more into your life so that you are making a positive impact on your world so that you are truly coming together because of your desire to make a positive impact.

Whatever that impact, large or small, it will be positive. Recognize that there are many beings that are now receiving information of the kind we are sharing throughout the world. This is because, as you are all seeing, there is this tendency for the earth, for the planet to be out of balance at this time. And so, there are many beings, star beings, galaxies, helping to create greater harmony, greater balance at this time. There has been some success and it's going to continue to be up and down because of course humans have free will, and so do animals.

As we and other beings are all connected, again, as we have said, there is a very important piece to take with you today. It is this. You must find a way to move in a direction that feels inspiring. You must find the light and the fire that is within you, that is going to move you in a direction.

And whether you think it’s about the planet, whether you think it's a form of racism and the need for freedom and justice, whether you believe it's for gender equity, whether you believe it is for children to be safe on this planet, to lessen violence; whatever that direction for you is, please take it into your heart now, hold it dearly and then take the action that comes through and from your heart, not your mind.

We want to remind you that your heart is very important. It is the first part of you that picks up a signal in your body, and it is from this signal that you want to move. We want to emphasize you start with the heart and then let the mind pick it up and begin to understand. You will actually have a sensory experience and it will be like your body wakes up and your eyes become wider. It is though you have this understanding that you must do something and it is from that energy that you will then find a direction, find a way and a willingness to move, perhaps in a way that you have not moved before. Or perhaps you have moved, but now you are going to be on a real journey. This is going to be a long-term journey. This will be for a period of at least 10 years.

Remember, do not think of the time period as something important in and of itself. Think of it now as more a joyful listening through your heart. And yes, it might change and yes that's okay. Listen from your heart because it has the ability to pick up the initial and quick vibrant frequency as we’ve said that is being ignited even as we speak, at this very moment.

It is also important that you stand together. It is more important to stand together than to find fault with others. Yes, it is easy to find fault, we are aware of this. We see this in your society and it has not served you, has it?

So, we want you to visualize or remember the images of when people came together and held their hands. They held each other's arms and hands and they did this non-violent standing with one another. All sizes, all shapes, all colors; they stood together. That is what you must do regardless of whether these people believe the same thing as you, whether they believe in the same government as you.

You must find ways now to initiate a conversation, initiate more listening and less telling people what they should do. Is this making sense? We are hoping that you are nodding. We are hoping that you are understanding what this means, because there is no longer time now to see if you can get someone on your side. It is not about that anymore. It is about really standing in your truth and your truth does not mean that another is wrong. This is something that needs to be shifted. So, we say again, this summer there will be great explosions of people coming together in the best of ways. It will also be in a scary way for some. Because when people come together and their voice is heard so loudly, there is going to be the desire to tamp down this cohesive energy. So, one must understand that there will be this dynamic dance of beautiful energy entering as well as an energy being removed.

This is not so much something to be afraid of as to be understood on the deepest cellular level that all this needs to happen in order for a great clearing to occur. For clearing to occur, there must be movement. The clearing is essential for new things to come into being. And when things move back in, whether it is new animals, new species, whatever it is going to be, that will be where the creative force, the beautiful matrix of creation will be unfolding. We are not even clear what it will be until it is almost imminent. That’s okay and we are fine with it because we understand that free will is always available.

And so, we want to make sure that all beings are aware that this not a time to merely rest. Although we do want to say that rest is important in the sense that you get sleep and that you not find yourself manic. Let us remind you that manic energy is not helpful. What is helpful is getting good rest and finding time to relax throughout each and every day: to give yourself sustenance, to give yourself richness and fullness, to treat yourself to the things that really make your heart happy. It is from this place then that you will be able to continue this dynamic dance with explosive energy that will be coming from your heart and so many people's hearts.

You will also notice that animals are going to be doing their own dance expressing their own explosive energy. You will see that the weather has changed in such a way now that there is going to be an entirely different source and force of energy coming through because of the shift in the weather system.

You will begin to perceive that it is hotter, you will also notice that there is more wind and you will also notice that there will be water, yes, we want to reinforce that water will be very present. Yet, the way in which this occurs is going to be so different that animals and insects will be moving through new places. You will see an impact on human agricultural that will be both positive and negative. So, please remember that diversity of plants right now is probably the most important thing that you can focus on. Focus on the diversity for yourself. And if you are a gardener, then we support you, we applaud you. If you are not, then find ways to support others who are able to practice diverse organic gardening to replace the widespread mono-cropping and use of poisons. We know you are already aware of this, however, again, this is coming from a place of action. It is not coming from, let us say, a philosophical conversation. This is coming from a place of you really comitting to taking action.

You will see more changes in the patterns of weather coming across the United States, Canada, Mexico and even further south. The Arctic and the Antarctic poles will be shifting. And there will be a definite shift in weather occurring there, more than what is underway. Pay attention to what is happening for animals. Look around you in your neighborhood, in your yard and notice what is happening, what is there and what is not there. Notice what is growing. Notice the incredible diversity of plants and their energy that is moving through and growing through the medium of soil. If there is a need for greater sustenance, for the soil to be enhanced with more nutrients and compost add that to your garden soil. That is important, give it more than you think is necessary.

The message here is to pay attention, closer attention. And if you are already doing this, we thank you and know that you have understood what we are saying. We wish you to have greater conversation, so to speak, with the animals, the plants and with the soil. Your soil is probably the most important thing to focus on because it will be holding water and if it cannot hold water, you will have issues in the years to come. So, build your soil and really notice how you can make it absorb and retain more water and nutrients.

Again, we are very grateful to have the privilege to be able to speak to all beings that are here and present today. It is a beautiful thing to have all of you clearly knowing in your heart, in your mind and soul that you're supposed to be here today, that you know you are supposed to take some nugget from what is said or what is sparked within you as we are speaking, so that you will go forth and be able to take this to the next level for yourself.

We wish to say something else. There are some of you that know about or have been “channeling” as it has been called. You are receiving information that is coming from very different sources at this time. Please pay attention to the highest vibration, the highest frequency of love and always ask for that when you are requesting any connection with those sources. Make that request even when you are going out to the plants, to the animals and to one another. Please remember this that you're always asking for the highest level, the highest frequency of love to come through you at all times. For even though you think you are not, let us say, “channeling,” an entity such as us, you actually ARE always channeling a frequency and vibration. And it is this that we are wanting and encouraging all beings to increase. Now it is going to be more laser focused, it is going to be coming together into a more focused direction so that when you are lifting your energy, you're doing it with intention and greater consciousness.

It is critically important to remember to ask for the highest frequency of love at all times. When someone comes into your vicinity that is of a different frequency, which is always going to happen, it is important that you tune yourself up and ask for the highest vibration, so that you can then enter into a conversation or a listening dialogue that will be different. We must emphasize this because so many humans have the belief that they must have a conversation to try to change another person's perspective. If you were to actually take it from a different angle and listen to people more and ask to get more information, you would find that there is greater commonality and there is then an opening that occurs with the other that allows a different dialogue, a different opportunity to understand one another. Again, we recognize that this is perhaps not something new, yet it is very important at this time. Because again, as we have said, you are coming into this period of time, a time of expansion. This is the time when everything is exploding and we never mean explosion in a negative context or connotation. We mean that you are exploding the energy to move from one level up to another. It is like rising, as bread dough rises, it is rising up. That is what is happening for all beings.

So, you must come from a different perspective. And also, we’ve said in the past that it is very important to continue to do your grief work, your forgiveness work. This is not something to stop. Do not believe that if you have done it for one or two days, that it is done. This is the opportunity now to go within and to clear and to cleanse. This is so important. As we have been seeing, all humans are in the beginning growth pains of reparation and reconciliation, and that will need to happen internally for you.

What we mean by that is that you will again need to check in on a daily basis to understand what it is that you can clear, what it is that you can forgive yourself. And if nothing immediately comes to mind, then ask, who can I forgive? Come from a place that you can ask forgiveness. Again, whether it is in your mind, or expressed through writing, whether it is in speaking and having an actual dialogue, that is great. That is phenomenal. If you cannot express forgiveness in person, then it is important to create the opportunity in your mind or through writing to have that internal dialogue with that being in order to ask for forgiveness or to give it, to let them know that you are sorry, that you have grieved over something that you have not understood something, that you wish to clean up and clear. And from that place you will be better able to go back to yourself to say, “and now I forgive myself as I was not able to be available or be there at that time with this person, so that I could actually have had this conversation sooner.”

Whatever it is that comes up you will have that inner dialogue with that other person and then with yourself. So, you're saying I am sorry, please forgive me and when you are saying that, remember you are saying that you are sorry to yourself, you are sorry that you have not been able to be available to yourself or to others. You are sorry for not paying attention to the earth on a particular day or over many years or whatever it is. You will find things that you thought were small turn out to be very big now.

You will also be able to say when you say “I'm sorry, please forgive me,” you are also saying you forgive yourself because you were not able to see something at that time. You are forgiving yourself for that inability to notice until now.

Again, it is more about your own inner dialogue than about an outer dialogue with anyone else. If you cannot find or begin an inner dialogue with self to start with, start outside yourself, then come back to self. It is in this way that true reparation and reconciliation is going to occur. Again, we must emphasize this because it is important not to forget to do this practice, it is something to actively engage in now. If you cannot do this, you will notice that the level of your own inner energy will not move and you’ll not be able to consistently come to that place of true love that you know and have experienced. Yes, all of you have experienced this sense of love and know what we are saying.

So, being able to do this sense of loving of yourself through the act of saying, I'm sorry, please forgive me is very key.

We understand that there is something called a Ho'oponopono prayer that some engage in. We are not talking about that prayer, although that is a beautiful prayer and it is something that you can use. We are saying, be as active as you can when you are able to engage with this reconciliation and reparation in the way we have just discussed. Once you are able to do this, once you are able to look at your own racism and other prejudices, once you are able to look at all the ways you have held judgment which is on an ongoing basis — you’ll be able to release the judgment through this inner forgiveness we are talking about.

You will have less attachment to judgement and a powerful ability to walk through the world with greater love. That is what we are suggesting to you at this time. Walking through the world with a sense of greater love is so key to finding and manifestating a new and different balance for this planet, this world, this human species.

We are wanting you to understand that there is no right way, only a way in that helps you to do the work more quickly, more effectively, so that you can see and notice the internal shifts within you then begin to see those shifts magnified and increased in your outer world. Others will begin to notice your inner shift. You don't even need to say anything and yet what you will be doing is asking more questions. You will be asking to understand more and you will be able to then come from the highest frequency of love.

We spoke about this concept of “channeling.” Again, it is very important that if you are inclined to believe that that is what you are doing, we want you to realize that what you are in fact doing is tapping and pulling forward this beautiful energy so that you can be more present and more fully in this expansive vibration. Then you are going to help the masses of people through your own being, one being at a time.

And believe us when we are saying that it is not just humans that are doing vibrational work, it is actually many beings and species of life — trees and plants are actually doing their own reconciliation and reparation work. You must understand that there is a much greater force at work on all levels.

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