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Osiris:Isis reading for May 15, 2020

Updated: May 24, 2020

Osiris/Isis: It is a great delight that we are all here. It is always a privilege and honor to be in the presence of mature souls. And it's very delightful to actually experience the energetic holding and the containing of this energetic space together. We're very deeply grateful that Karin has brought all of you together, where there is an actual purpose and a recognition that we wish to make you aware of at this time.

There is going to be a very important and elemental aspect to what we refer to here. There will be many changes occurring and there is nothing to be afraid of, as much as things to look forward to…. if you have the right perspective.

We want to allow each of you to understand that there is going to be this beautiful cleansing that occurs with the Earth. She is doing it right now. It is very important that you begin to recognize HOW the cleansing is actually occurring. Through the pandemic of the coronavirus, the impact of this cleansing has become much more palpable. The coronavirus pandemic has shown all of us as humans, as beings, as entities, that at this time, there is going to be a shift. The shift comes in the form of a recognition that the cleansing is going on for a purpose.

This is the most important thing to recognize and understand: During the cleansing process, it does not mean that it is coming from a place of calmness. It may mean that as the cleansing occurs, there are going to be many states of agitation.

As you know, the cleanse has already occurred with the release of certain humans. As sad as that can be for you, we refer back to the elemental level we mentioned. When there is too much of some things, as a natural law in the universe and in any ecosystem, it is understood that when there is too much, a diminishment is going to follow. It is part of a natural ebb and flow. And so that is actually what is happening, not only with humans, but all over the earth at each level of animal life, plants, insects, even the soil, whose very contents are being cleansed.

It is incredibly important that all of you recognize that the kind of cleanse we refer to here is not the same process as when humans drink juice to purify or cleanse themselves. No. What we are referring to as the elemental cleanse of the earth is on a far grander scale. It is also the elemental cleanse of the Cosmos! Simultaneously, there is both the gentle force of beauty and creation as well as destructive forces operating. It is the archetypal energy of the Goddess Kali. As many of you know, Kali energy comes with a powerful destructive force to clear away and remove the veil so that you can begin to see the truth. That is what is underway now.

Now, whether this unveiling is going to happen for all humans, we’ll not comment on that. It is always going to be a person's choice. This is true also for animals; it is their choice. If they wish to stay on earth, if they wish to make a connection with specific humans or other animals, they have a choice. As you all know, there is something called free will, and free will has an energy that can be tapped into. It is the energetic force of creation and destruction. Free will allows the movement from destruction to construction.

So, there is this ongoing dance that the Cosmos is always doing in which things move in and out of form. That is nothing new and yet, it is coming to the place of, let us say, a tipping point, where now the earth is truly cleansing herself. The Cosmos has been cleansing itself. Many Cosmos have been cleansing themselves. And this Cosmos that you are in has been cleansing. The cleansing is releasing some of the toxicity, it's releasing some of the anger, and now it is showing up more in a certain form of grief. That grief needs to be released. That grief is part of the cleansing.

And so, if you as humans are not allowing yourself to grieve, whatever the grieving might be, whether it's the change in the way your life is now, or grieving over someone who has passed on, or maybe it's the grief of not knowing, because that is, in essence, the new paradigm Not Knowing you will suffer.

In this new paradigm, humans will not necessarily “know” for some time. We're not just saying for the next year or three years, we are saying for the next 10 to 30 years. There will be this ongoing change and growth and movement of things collapsing as well as being created. This is not to scare you at all. This is just to inform you that there is this beautiful dance. It's a natural dance. It is again, natural law, that is always in effect.

And so, you all are being called to truly understand and pay heed to where you can help move this energy because this grief does need to be expressed. This grief is probably the most critical energy that if it can be expanded upon, moved through and allowed to follow its natural process, it is at that point that there will be some amazing opportunity for the energy of the earth, the energy of humans, the energy of co-creativity, the energy of all the Cosmos to fully assist an evolution.

There are more people now who are channeling, more people who are receiving the gift of this information so that they can begin to help and ground some of this energy, so that it does not feel like everything is only falling apart. That is not actually what's happening. It is also that other planets are shifting more. There are so many things that are happening at the same time. The earth is going to be shifting. Again, we do not want to create fear here. We want very much for you to understand that when there is a volcanic eruption, for example, that is something that is just allowing the earth to express her grief while also allowing her to express her creativity. So, from out of the grief comes creativity, just like the volcano. The volcanic eruptions that will be occurring in different places around the world, whether it be in the Pacific Rim or elsewhere, that grieving and creating process will be underway. As well, there will be places where there will be more water and, for some, less water. There will be this total dance of the elements. This is all part of the cleansing and clearing.

And so, this natural cleansing and clearing offers each of you the opportunity to release the things you no longer need, to allow you to do the grieving, and to help others get in touch with what is bringing them sadness, what is holding them back. Then you can, in your own unique way, be able to help expand upon this “rebirthing,” the re-creation of something new and something beautiful. Is this making sense?

We also want to further highlight the incredible power of the Cosmos and its dance. When we talk about the cosmos, we are talking about stars and galaxies, other entities, energies and forces that are shifting and moving at all times. For humans, it does not always appear as a lot of movement, yet there is so much movement.

We ask that you remember and remind yourself that even now, in your physical form, you are in fact energy in motion. That energy is within a specific body form, filled with water, that is able to shape itself and hold itself in a certain way. It’s very important for you to understand that we are all energy, just as we, Osiris and Isis, are a form of energy. In your energetic human form, you are vibrating and moving all the time.

With this understanding, we ask you very personally, how can you accelerate your vibration so that you can now come through in your physical form and we ask this with great emphasis as we truly want this for you — to be and then claim all that you are, ALL your brilliance?

Do not wait another day! We are asking this of Karin and all of you. You must not wait another day; it’s time to claim your brilliance. Whether your brilliance comes in the form of devotion, whether it's love, whether it's a thing that you do or make, whether it's writing, whether it’s providing mentoring, coaching or therapy, whether it's the delicious friendships that you have whatever it is, claim it all the way! Do not hold yourself back. In essence, you want to come into yourself as brilliantly as possible so that you can help others and yourself so that you can move powerfully through your own grief in this time.

We don't mean to say that everyone has to feel a certain kind of grief, and yet on a cosmic level, there is this energy that is occurring on your planet and we want to make sure that there is an acknowledgment of this. Beginning with acknowledgment, you can then begin to address it, share and talk about it, release it, and then help others in that process.

The most important thing, because you are seeing it, is to be of service by actually going and doing your inner work of releasing and asking forgiveness, doing reconciliation with any family members or any people that you feel you have not taken care of in that way before. So, that’s a very personal thing first, and that is also most useful for you to remember that we started out with saying that the important element here is to allow oneself to grieve. So, whatever that actually is looking like for you is going to be very important.

This is important for all of you. You can begin to plant the seeds of allowing yourself to feel, allowing yourself as mature souls to be able to express what is happening for you. It is also very important that you align yourselves by recognizing that what has been out of alignment now needs to come into alignment, to be who you came here to be.

QUESTION: Is there a time in humanity when all world humanity will stop tribal separation and all humans will be one family? Is this something that could and will happen?

Osiris/Isis: This is an interesting question, and it is something that will begin to happen. Yet there will be unraveling first before the re-weaving together begins. The unraveling will be that of the tribal mental construct, which is very strong and in the ancestry of humans. It is going to take an added energetic boost to accomplish. That is why many beings are calling upon the universal forces like Isis and Osiris, like all the beings that are being called at this time. It is in order to help transform the old energetic pattern of tribalism.

It is going to be, and you will begin to notice, as we have said to Karin and to others, that in the next 10 to 20 years, there is going to be a genetic shift within the human form in which it will become less specifically sex and gender defined. There will be an internal reformation of sex. Humans will not be specifically male and masculine, female and feminine. There will be a neutrality and equality that will begin to occur that will bring forward this other energy that allows all beings to see themselves more related and more connected and intertwined. They will also recognize that they are not a tribal organism as much as they are a global organism.

And it is when that shift occurs, which we have said is going to be in the next 10 to 20 years, there will be “genetic referencing.” This may not come about until another 20 years. But there will begin to be a very clear redefinition of the human form. The human form internally will be able to choose to be either masculine or feminine. It will have the ability to transform and transmute itself into the gender that it wishes to be.

Ultimately, there will be no gender. It’s going to be, let us say, when the gender becomes neutral, one can then choose if they wish to co-create and have new beings, then there will be more of a ‘choiceful’ request upon their own body. However, other than that, human beings will look different. They will not have the same genetic formation as a male and as a female.

So, there is going to begin a shift internally, cellularly on the DNA level such that there's going to become a different reframing and reformatting of the human species. When that begins to occur, there is definitely going to be a shift from the tribal mental state and construct that is now to a more global construct.

Will this be in the time that you are here? Yes, we actually believe that it will begin to occur. Will it occur easily? No, it will not occur easily. Again, we want to express to you that there is a deconstruction and construction process that is going to be occurring. We cannot say that this will be with tons of joy and ease for many humans, and yet it will be the most amazing redevelopment and reformation that is going to occur for the human species, which will have a powerful impact on its future.

As we have shared, in this beginning period, there will be more insects and animals and more species in general leaving the planet. And yet, what will then come in its place will be new energy and beauty, new species. These will be able to adapt and connect to the earth in this new frequency and this new paradigm. We’re not just talking here about the mental construct shifting from tribal to global, but the larger understanding referred to earlier that we must deconstruct and almost implode what the earth is doing at this time in order for it to imagine, create, and grow anew. The DNA shifting of the human species is a part of that larger paradigm shift and reconstruction.

STATEMENT: I have read that scientists who study speciation have noted that over time, these rapid genetic changes that are occurring now have resulted in branching of the homo genus. So, that is already underway is what you're saying?

Osiris/Isis: This is correct. And it's also to be understood that this shifting is going to be in a short timeframe. It is not going to be in the timeframe of many millions of years, hundreds of thousands of years, or even millennia that the species have evolved on earth. What you are seeing now and will be seeing is a very quick transformation from what has worked, but no longer does, to what will work now.

In the next 50 years, humans will be acting, interacting, and connecting in a very different way. Again, Kali, the archetypal energy of Kali, is very important to all of you right now. Because you must understand that Kali is bringing forth the universal energy of both destruction and creativity. It is cutting through all the lies, cutting through all the falsehoods that humans have accepted, cutting through all the ways in which you have, as humans, believed that things are fixed and static. When one takes off the veil, one sees energy moving and all kinds of shifting and changing that is a beautiful dance.

And yet, for many humans, the Kali energy is only perceived in the destructive manner when in fact the Kali energy is the mother energy that allows something to be deconstructed, in order for the birthing of something new. So, this birthing of something new is also the birthing of the new human, the new humanoid, the new species.

Will there be more human technology in this shift? Absolutely, there is going to be far more technology than you would ever imagine. Will humans be working as much? Probably not as humans. There will be a form and way in which humans will need to work, but it will not be in the same manner based on the same currency that you are using now. There will be no concept of “making money” to sustain one’s finances.

As we’ve repeatedly said, there will be many shifts and many changes that will occur. For many, it will actually feel like the earth is falling away, the floor is falling out. And yet what is happening, if you think of plate tectonics and earth continents for example, it’s all about movement. That’s what’s occurring.

It's not going to be that you will not be taken care of. You will absolutely be taken care of. Each and every one of you has the capacity and the knowledge and the brilliance and the support of many others. That is why you are here now to be able to take this awareness, this reminder, this new knowledge, whatever it is for you to be able to step into helping others to do the grieving, to help others and yourself.

It is so important that you understand that you represent the model for what it is to be the new human, the human who is actually not trying to hide or not trying to say I'm okay or not trying to be the person that says, you know, I've got this. No, you are the person now who is saying, you know, there are days when I feel whatever, there are days when I feel wow, there are days when you are moving through this deep sadness. And for some of you, this is a work that you've been doing for many years. We're not trying to say that you are just beginning. We are saying that you must be even more of who you are, step into this power, and speak this power of grief. Speak this power of grief to everybody. But, mostly, start with yourself so that you can then liberate yourself to write the book, or provide the service, or whatever it is, in order to be able to manifest it quickly. This is the time, the energy is here, there is no stopping anyone unless you don't allow yourself to feel the grief. Is this understood?

QUESTION: Help me understand that kind of drastic shift that will be happening in order to help people grieve.

Osiris/Isis: This is a beautiful question and an important one. Because yes, as animals and species adapt and release themselves and adapt and recreate themselves, there is going to be a time when the fabric of all ecosystems are going to loosen themselves in order that there can then be a new configuration of all ecosystems together. So, there will be the sadness, as you say, the grieving over the different species being released.

And with that comes the true understanding, as you have referenced, that there is going to be a new opportunity for other energies, other insects, other animals, and even a new human to come forward, cellularly first and then it will be reconstructed. But it will not be a cataclysmic event, that is not what we are referring to. Yes, there will be some very different dances of energy of loss of, let us say, rain in one area and too much rain in another, as we’ve said. There will be volcanic eruptions in some places. Yes, it will disturb people, it will disturb animals. However, one must understand that you are also looking at the cleanse, this is the cleansing, this is the beauty of when one thing is released, another can come in. So, it's like the water of the ocean and its tidal pushing and pulling — the water is going out and then it is then coming back in a new form, a new wave, and then it is going out again, what we call ebbing, and then it's going to return once more as a different wave. That is the movement that is actually occurring now.

There is no equality in the way people are being impacted now. What is happening though, is that there is the understanding that the emotional construct of all humans is going to be impacted, and that is what is going to save you as a human, is the emotional depth of connection instead of the disconnecting, the compartmentalizing, which is what humans have done. That is how many humans have dealt with trauma for example, disconnection and compartmentalization.

Let us say that you as humans are having the opportunity to deal with trauma now on a daily basis. And so, are you going to completely shut down? No, we are suggesting instead that you feel, that you feel, that you feel, that you move through this energy! And yes, there will be a co-creation through this elimination, there will be a regrowth. So, to answer the question we hope you’re hearing an answer — is that there is this dance and an energy that is going to be released. But this release is grounded in the understanding that as humans, the way that humans are actually going to move through this period of time is by deepening and understanding their feeling level and not hiding from it or compartmentalizing. Let us say that when humans have dealt with trauma, they have been very smart to compartmentalize.

In order to deal with this kind of earth-changing global impact, with all beings being impacted on every level, each human must look at each other and really begin the connection by feeling the hurt, by feeling the anger, for there is a lot of anger, as well. By being able to be present and to stand let us say you're standing in the fire of such discomfort that you're then able to move in a different powerful manner that is not going to be who you were yesterday. For when you claim this, you will move to claim your birthright, your contract. You will be inflamed with the desire and the need to do what you came here to do.

Osiris/Isis:. For when you are taking things personally, you're actually having your own personal human experience. It is not that when something is happening outside of you, that is a personal thing, you are just claiming your own complete elemental human energy of feeling. So, yes, in a way you must take it personally and yet what is happening outside of you, no, do not take that personally. We hope we are clear now.

QUESTION: What can you add to this about how to really take a stand for love and for truth from the heart, from a place of vulnerability, when it seems like there are so many who are in pain?

Osiris/Isis: That’s a thoughtful question. We want to answer that; it is most important to move forward by continuing to do this work of reconciliation and reparation we’ve spoken about. And the honest and simplest way that we can say this is to acknowledge people and say, “I'm truly sorry for what you've gone through. I feel what you have gone through. I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

And from that place, your heart will then move into a place of wholeness.

When you come from a place of pushing away, then it is very hard to feel connected. When you are able to take them in and really listen and then say, I’m sorry, forgive me you connect. And as you're asking it of others, you're also asking it of yourself, because you may also need to make your own sweet reconciliation with yourself. Because there are probably parts of self in the human mental construct you need to forgive. As we have said, there are places where the brain shuttered off (compartmentalized) different pieces of self that have been hurt and unacknowledged or forgiven. Now, we're saying that in this particular case with you, you must actually open to yourself, to giving yourself forgiveness, forgiving yourself, and apologizing to yourself for not having even been fully present for yourself.

Because that is what the human mental construct can easily do, remove parts of itself and have them go somewhere else. And that is something that is very important to understand as it’s been a fabulous human strategy for many millennia. Yet, now it is the time and part of the larger shift to do the inner work of experiencing those parts. Because, once you can be present for and really acknowledge whatever pain, whatever suffering you have actually gone through, then be able to love yourself, you will feel a natural opening of your heart that will enable you to help others around you do this.

And again, as we’ve said, it’s important that you remember that each of you have someone and some things to reconcile with and to perhaps ask for forgiveness, whether you do it verbally or whether you write it or whether you say it in your mind it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you're beginning this process and this is the healing process. Because when that begins, the heart does open. We want you to know that we say all of the things with the highest regard for the highest purpose for the highest good of all humanity, for the highest purpose of all living beings, for the many different galaxies and entire Cosmos. We are called upon so that we can infer and recognize that there are these connections that are being made to help ground and shift the energy of the human. Because at this moment, it is the humans that are going to either find their way through or have more difficulty.

And so, with your grace and with your awareness, as the mature souls that you all are, it is going to take this inner work as well as the outer work to allow the heart to expand again. And if the heart is not able to expand, it's because there's more inner work to be done. And if you are finding yourself blaming and shaming, it is only an opportunity again and you all, we know, intellectually understand these concepts. What we are saying is that you must take it a step further now. You must not talk about it; you must do it. And that is said with the greatest, utmost love and adoration for each being that is here. And we say this with, let us say, a soft fierceness, because one must hear this now differently. One cannot say, “Well, that was a nice conversation and now we'll forget it.” No. We are saying that you are here, because you are the ones that have been called to do your own inner work and find new ways to heal your inner pain, in order to then more clearly see another outside of yourself and how connected you are to them. Is this making sense?

Osiris/Isis: Very interesting times that you're in, and we're here and want to be called forward. And we want to be here to support each and every one of you. And it is very elemental as we say, that when we are coming through, it is not to espouse big and lofty things, it is to actually help you remember the simple, simple things in the human experience. Because it is from this elemental human experience we draw from. This is all that is needed to begin to do a different dance.

And yes, the planet, the Mother Earth, she is shifting. The animals are also very aware of the shift. Everyone is wanting to create and co-create and continue their species and their lives. And so, it is going to be adaptability that is needed now, the adaptability and the openness to at least be curious about yourself so that you, at some point, will then be able to truly have the honest and true essence of curiosity for another, another that is maybe someone that you have had many beliefs about and blamed or shamed or whatever, such that you could not move forward, without this reconciliation. You will see that occur — for not everyone is you. However, you are the ones that have been called to this task.

We are so honored. We are so honored that we're being called. We are so honored that we're being able to come through at this time, as we come through in this physical form of Karin. We are coming through in many different physical forms around the globe. We are holding this energy in a new and different way so that we can help. We are, as many have experienced, on a different ethereal plane and yet it is though we are a network or a grid of energies that are surrounding the earth, the galaxies and it is from this network, this grid that we are able to give you and send you much love, much gratitude, much deep and abiding sense of beauty, the awareness of this day you have to do your particular work, your joy, your pain, your experience, to really embed that into your psyche and into your body.

Move from the head into the heart. Move from the head and the heart into the entire body now. Experience yourself as a full being. Whether all parts are working and functioning perfectly does not matter. What does matter is that you are calling upon yourself to be fully present and not disappear and go into a little separate space in your brain. You will now be here for all things, for all parts of you.

If there are further questions, we will answer, and, otherwise, we will finish.


And that must be the signal. So, we are going to ask that all hearts find a connection to one another at this time. Extend and put your hand on your heart. Do whatever it is that you need to do to feel your beautiful heart that is so full of love, that is so full of fear, that is so full of sadness, and that is full of every emotional aspect. But this love, this love that is larger than you, that is part of you, that is the universal love force, the agape energy, the mother energy, she, they are with you at all times.

And so, with great love and devotion, we thank you.

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