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Osiris:Isis message for March 28, 2020

The following is a channeled reading through Karin Lubin of the group entity now called Osiris:Isis whom first made themselves available in the early 2000’s. In this selected portion of the reading on March 28,2020 there is a question about where humanity is now and the role of COVID 19. The portion of the reading not included here were questions asked about Karin and Randy personally. (Transcript prepared by Randy Crutcher)

“Greetings, this is the group energy of Osiris and Isis. We are wanting to connect and be of service. We are wanting you to be aware that this energy platform that you're connecting into is something that many beings are tapping into now. This is also a way in which this greater consciousness, this universal and divine energy system is being tapped by many beings-- through a specific name, through a specific body in order that it may come through in a divine and unique way to support the beings that are around the particular person who is able to be in this mediumship, one who is able to bring forth this energy. It is very important at this time that these channels be opened, as there is much needed with regard to tapping into this loving force field.

It is a force— it is a field, and it is very important at this time that we are opening our hearts to this energetic transformation. It is an energetic transformation, a time in which all beings are being called now to open this channel whether it is a channel within their own heart; whether there's a channel to a higher being; whether there is a channel to the nature deities.

It is not a time to wait and see. It is now time to take action and step into your creativity, step into your boldness. It is a time to move toward greater uncertainty and acknowledge this is a force field of uncertainty. By moving through this force field of uncertainty you're able to step into greater purpose, step into greater alignment with your purpose here on this planet. Many of you have been waiting and it is time to stop waiting. We are now waiting for you to step into your boldness. It is time for you to begin to step into your power. It is time for all beings to move in a direction that allows them to awaken, in order to move through these uncertain times. It will sound like the Tao.

It seems as though you are saying one thing and doing another, yet it is all the same thing within the Tao. Think of how opposites cannot be one without the other. One must have uncertainty to move with certainty, one must have certainty to find uncertainty. it is a dance of the Yin and the Yang, it is a dance of the feminine with the masculine, it is the dance of light and dark, of sun and moon. It is the ability to have the rational along with the irrational, or let us say the rational with the emotional and the intuitive.

It is very important at this time that this network that we are tapped into and that you are now listening to becomes your force. And we say this with great determination and urgency because so many have been waiting to align with this force. Even Karin (this medium for us) has been waiting. There cannot be any more waiting. The time is now for connecting in this different way. There is an urgency with which the global collective has been calling upon all beings to move in the new direction of finding solutions, finding ways to move through this world where the reality truly has been uncertainty all along.

It is a mental construct that there has been safety and certainty. The real truth when one looks at the creative Divine Intelligence that is always in motion, is that there is nothing that one can truly land on. It is time to find space to move in flow because when one is dancing in flow, that fluid movement allows one to move in a field of uncertainty rather than being stuck and waiting. That’s why we are asking all bodies to move more boldly into their strength, into their purpose, into their creativity.

Are there questions at this time regarding the COVID-19 virus now affecting your world?

The COVID virus is a very unique opportunity and experience for everyone on the entire planet to be made aware of their life expectancy, their limited time on this planet. it is time now for all to be called. There is a soul calling that is universal and all the ascended masters and all the ascended teachers and beings, all the ancestors of all people on this planet, all nature-beings, animal-beings and all inert beings are being called.

This is occurring because as the planets are aligning, as the paths in which asteroids are moving through where there has been a crisis of sorts for the energetic spirits, this is a time for collective consciousness to expand. Humans need to understand their limited timeframe. It is only the physical experience that we are referring to, for all beings are connected to the larger energy field from which we are speaking to you. It is most important that all beings understand this.

So, understand that COVID is not about coming from fear. Instead it's coming from a recognition and then a knowing that COVID is about helping move things forward. It is a wake up. The COVID virus is about recognizing that if one is going to wake up one must get beyond the fiction of continuity, as though everything stays the same when the reality is that this has never been the case.

This is what we are trying to awaken you and all beings to understand, that change is always inevitable.

Change is happening right now as we are speaking. Something has shifted. If something has changed it is in your awakening, it is in your understanding of this, in your listening. It is in your force field. Your body’s cells have shifted. Your brain and neurological capacities have shifted the winds and the temperature. Be aware that all things are shifting and changing at every moment-- so in this one moment it is solid and secure, then the next moment one does not know. This is the great gift of understanding, that in order to be tapped into what we will call the universal love field one must understand one’s soul contract. That’s what we refer to as your Self. Some of you will say you don't know that. It is truly ok. It is actually the soul’s calling for you to wake up!

What does that mean-- wake up? It means that you are beginning to understand that you hold this collective mental force field of fear. This is not serving humanity. This is actually diminishing and deconstructing humanity. It is as though one is better than the other, which is far from the truth!

How can you release this mental construct that one is right and the other is wrong? There is only equality when you take away the human field, the human body, the animal constructs, all physical structures. There is only energy and it is all the same. It is the energy that is collected in different forms in different ways for you to be able to see and to be able to feel the different experiences that you have in this world of physical form. What we are referring to is the quantum field.

Your mental construct is not true and yet you will often cling to an ideology in order to somehow manage. And yet a human mental construct is not going to manage any of this. This is the wake up. This is the necessity of releasing the mental construct of needing to be right and needing to be better or needing to know while someone else does not know. It is the mental construct that needs to be released. It is the understanding that by holding this concept, one is fearful, one is needing to find their way by doing something that is in their rightful place. Yet this is far from the truth. The truth is that love is the actual divine energetic force that unites all… and we have experienced it all. Beings have forgotten this on some level and yet this is how the COVID virus is the awakening‑—this is the opportunity now to step forward. One can go back into unconsciousness very easily because when one chooses the mental construct; a fear of being disempowered, of hopelessness, of not knowing, thinking “I'm not feeling connected”, or isolation, your ego voice takes over. It will not allow you to step into the unknown. It will give you the sense that you are not in control when the true essence of all things is that all beings are co-creators of this reality as one energetic body is moving through the energetic forms of nature, even physical forms such as houses and cars. As with all things that are going in and out of form there is this understanding that you are co-creating your world through this movement through the thought form that you’re co-creating. This is something that seems to have been forgotten and yet it is also something that you essentially are.

Now, it is not as though we are saying something that has never been said before. The awakening to understand that the love field is truly here and you cannot choose to be in it or choose not to be in it-- this is not even really a choice. The choice is that one must begin to move and awaken to remembering, to understanding, to trusting, to just surrender to being open and curious.

The understanding of the political or the understanding of all the ways in which you have been involved with oppressing others that keeps happening is that you have not given yourself permission to truly allow yourself to love— to love oneself. If you were to truly understand and trust that you are a loving being living in your highest and greatest good, you would understand and recognize that with true love one can discern and have different opinions or make observations that are unique. It does not mean that one is right and one is wrong. It means that through this living field of incredible diversity one can find ways to connect--- though it may take some work with all the mental chaos at this time. One must ground oneself and find ways to be discerning in one's own way. To be healthy you must find ways to support your physical form and you must find ways to awaken yourself. What those tools for accomplishing this are is to be determined by each and every one of you.”

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