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Osiris:Isis reading for April 22, 2020

Karin Lubin with Randy Crutcher

Osiris/Isis: Greetings, we have many things to share today. It is, as always, an honor to be in celebration with all beings that wish to understand more deeply their heart, their purpose, and their true mission on this planet at this time.

It is very important that we also celebrate the beautiful earth mother, the one who is actually holding all beings that are living or who have transpired. She is holding this beautiful divine energetic force of creative potential and creativity and is the inspiration for many new creative forces and sources. There is, through her, a deeper understanding that creation is always an ongoing force, an ongoing solution and an ongoing movement. It is infinite and never ending. You might think there is an end and a beginning given this limited time frame of being in your body, and we have heard your concern around the idea that the earth planet is not able to survive as it has. We wish to wipe your forehead clean of this idea. For though it is true there are major shifts and changes occurring on this planet today and will be for many days to come, it does not necessarily mean the end. It might mean the end for you in your body. Yet it is not going to be the end. All beings, all things, living or that have transpired will continue in a new format and a new, perhaps easy to recognize or not so easy to recognize, vibrational energy. It is very important that you understand there is no right or wrong here. It is just an opportunity for divine forces to be able to continue to create on an infinite basis, new and different interactions, new and different ways to continue manifesting the life force energy. It will always be changing, always be adding and subtracting different beings from your planet as it does, and will occur in the larger Cosmos, as well. This is not a good or bad thing. It is more just a statement of an energetic understanding that as things move and disappear, other things will come in and there will always be this give and take. This movement forward and backward, this energetic Tao energy which is understood to be frequencies that are going to be shifting but not disappearing. That is perhaps the most important thing for you to understand whether you actually understand it in your mind or in your heart. It is just a fact and it is okay for you on this day that you call Earth Day to understand this beautiful and celebratory benign energy of creation, to understand that this life force that is so prevalent and so strong will continue to celebrate in its own way every day in every way. We also wish to bring forward that there is a time for all humans to come into a new place. If you, like Karin and others, have had limited thoughts and fears it is time to literally place those fears on a golden plate or orb so that the sun and all the many other forces can actually transmute, transform, and transmit this energy. In this way, it can be absorbed and so released from the human psyche. It is very important now that you lay your burden down, that you actually offer forth these fears, to relieve and release this energetic holding back kept in place by the mental constructs that have created either internal limitation or created fear or created a sense of not-enoughness. It is time to release this human psychological misunderstanding at this point. We are asking that all humans who are ready, who are willing to have courage and be courageous, to step forward and release these things you are ready and willing to release onto this golden orb. In this way, it can be transmuted and absorbed then transformed into a new energy that will allow you to actually fill yourself up with a new and different vibration that will support you, that will encourage you, that will allow you to take a new form of inner leadership so that you can in many respects begin anew. It is as though you are releasing and transforming yourself in this very moment. It is actually in every moment that you can allow this transformation to occur. You have, and many have already seen you ritualize this and that is a good thing. For when you do this ritual, whether it’s dance or ritual prayer, it is a release. We understand that what is very important is that you are being conscious and present so that as you release, you will begin to recognize the purity, the pure innocence of who you really are. Or when you release these things, you recognize that you already are pure, that you already are innocent and that there is love that is already connecting you to all things within yourself, to all beings and to the Cosmos. It is this energetic love force, this universal energy force that is holding all beings together. It is as though you are connected to an entirely extended force or network that is allowing you to be here on the planet at this time. Yes, you will be called back to this network and beautiful threads of energy that are flowing around the earth, flowing around the galaxies, flowing through and in between all of the Cosmos. It is very important that you recognize that it is all connected, and this is the time for you to begin to do your transmutation, your transformation by releasing and thus finding the deeper courage within. Are there questions at this time? Randy: Osiris/Isis, this is Randy. I observe that my lifestyle is not disrupted in the way that many human beings' lifestyle is. But with that said, I find myself attempting to find a new rhythm, a new way of being. And to make my actions during the course of any one day come into alignment with that new way of being. It relates to what you're saying about releasing fears, maybe also surrendering old notions — one of which was thinking my publications could be a commercial success as they are shared with the world, which by definition for me would be that they produce as much income or more income than they require to get out into the world. I am feeling I can release that now.

The word that comes up for me is philanthropist. It may be I simply need to be moving in the direction of where I see help needed by friends and others while responding to any other signs and signals where my skills, abilities, experience, passions could be of benefit. So, my question, I guess, is am I on the right track with this? I think I am, but it does mean letting go of really always knowing what I'm going to do next or where to go next. It's becoming, as I have been studying in the last year, more comfortable with uncertainty and moving more from, as you've spoken, the heart space than the head space. Not trying to strategize too much, but still trying to clearly think about what could be leveraged in terms of helping individuals, groups, and humanity as a whole.

Osiris/Isis: Perhaps the best thing to do at this time is to actually focus on two words. One is the understanding of allowing or allowance and the other is surrender. It is the ego that is wanting to hold on to, perhaps in your state of believing, that there is a certain way in which something should occur. That is creating a contraction in the essence of your spirit, so therefore it is more important for you to now focus on the allowing. When you are focused on the allowing, you learn to recognize in the moment the dance of energy, the dance of creativity so that you are allowing for the opportunity of creation and creativity to be continually moving. When you are holding onto a specific belief, it can lock that down as though it has to be a certain way. And this is not just for you, this is for all beings. It is very important for you to recognize that once you lock that thought in, that belief in, it is going to, at some point, create some suffering and pain. By surrendering, we do not mean the passive surrender. We are not saying to passively let go and fall into hopelessness. What we are suggesting is that when you surrender your heart, your mind, your soul into something, you recognize that the greater good, the essence of the divine forces are always in full flow and movement. There's always this infinite dance in which you are able to take yourself out of the picture as a finite stopping point and instead move in this dance right along with this energetic flow. It is the allowing and the surrendering to something as big or maybe much larger than you.  And this we believe is the fear that many humans have — that there will be something perhaps not understood or perhaps something that you are not in control of which is the true presence. If you are to be truly in the present, you'll see that you are not in control, that there is this dance and then you have your will, your own discernment of choice of what you wish to move forward in. And it is from this place of choice that you can then discover whether this choice is feeling full of joy. You use the word philanthropy. If that word choice is something that gives you joy, then move in that. Do not stand still and allow it to just sit in your body, but take active steps, whether it's through verbal activation, through the act of movement of something, of a phone call, of a statement that is made, of something that allows you to see again that once you express yourself, it will either dance with you or it will be released. And if it is released, then you find the next creative impulse that is within you and that you can tap into. It is not to say to give up on any of the things that you have created. For at this moment in time, it is perhaps only the concretization that you have allowed your mind to actually hold onto, the idea that this would provide you with a certain thing that is perhaps what is the holding you down or holding you back. So, in essence, it is really a very different way for all humans to interact. It is moving from a place of this allowing and surrender, the surrendering to what we will again call true presence. Because when all beings are in presence with one another, there is a very different energy frequency. There is an aliveness, there is an attunement, there is an understanding that cannot be discerned as easily when one has locked into a certain frequency, a certain belief, a certain fear pattern. So, we are suggesting that for you at this time, perhaps it is more useful for you to also lay your burden, your fears, perhaps limitations that you are perceiving, onto this golden platter that can then be quickly absorbed and transmuted so easily. We have seen so many humans think that this is such a hard and difficult process. And it is perhaps the easiest for as you believe a thought, you can release a thought. It is literally that quick. It is so easy that it is almost shocking for many humans. We say that this is a joyful process, that this is an easy process. And it is, again, if all beings are truly tapping into the energetic frequency of this vibrational force energy dance, then you will understand that it is that easy. So, we want to help you and other humans to truly focus on releasing on a daily basis, on a day-by-day, on a minute-by-minute basis to continue to offer up onto this golden platter and let the sun burn it up, allow the energies to transmute it so easily so that you can move through your day being more in presence, rather than in your beliefs and the head space that is clearly creating some suffering. We are hearing more of the suffering than we are hearing the joy. And so, even the joy of thinking you must be or want to be philanthropic, let us say, let that go as well and actually be in the joy of presence. And when you can be with this opportunity of really receiving and allowing and then surrendering to this joyful presence, you will see that things begin to open in a very different way. It is something that we are encouraging all humans, all beings to actually open to this understanding at this time. Randy: Thank you. Very liberating.  Osiris/Isis: Are there further questions? Randy: That answers everything!  Osiris/Isis: We are deeply honored and grateful that you have said this. We also understand that the dance that we're talking about is an active dance. So, as you move through your day, begin and continue to actively lay your burdens down onto the golden orb, onto the golden plate, and allow it to be transmuted and transfixed into something completely neutral and different, benign. And allow that creative, beautiful, joyful dance of the joyful presencing that you are to imbibe, to involve yourself in, to include yourself in and to really allow yourself to feel and presence yourself in. This is the opportunity now. This is where the energetic frequency of money and love and opportunity and mystery with purpose is going to unfold itself. And it will be in a mysterious form, as well as in a very clear and discerning form. Allow your mind to release itself now and allow your heart to open and to expand and allow your heart to actually embrace your mind. This is different, for as in humans in the past, the mind has embraced the heart. Now, we are suggesting that the actual heart embrace the mind and then you will understand this beautiful, joyful, presencing that we refer to. And so, with that, we say goodbye. Randy: Thank you!

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