• Karin Lubin

A Vision For Our World Post-COVID

Updated: Jun 27

So much has happened this past month! Since COVID hit, I've been extra motivated to follow a more spiritual path, sit in meditation, practice inner work, and take actions that inspire me. Last month, I celebrated my birthday and asked my friends to help me create the beginning of a vision for our world post-COVID.

My husband, Randy, helped me compile these ideas into a list as a jumping off point for this new vision. But it's not done! I need more ideas from all of YOU. The only way our vision becomes a true vision is when everyone has a say in what they want and need.

A friend recently shared, When we do become more aware (awaken etc) then our choices begin to reflect more accurately the BEiNGness that is encolded in our blueprint. This is when our Doing can better reflect our greater knowing; our greater connection; our greater Humanity. This is called Sacred Action. 

I discovered many foundational core values while looking through people’s individual contributions, so let's begin there:

Core Values:

- Reverence

- Gratitude

- Give Back to the community as service, interconnection, and learning

- Be in Community and Collaboration

- Equal Opportunity

- Find loving ways to learn and grow from one another (communicate & mediate)

- Kindness and Respect for all people, animals, and our Mother Earth

- Ensure all have sustenance, shelter, health care, and the means to create a fulfilled life

- Honor diversity, history and heritage

- Freedom

- Dignity

- Compassion

- Peace

- Curiosity

- Joy

- Be truly present for oneself and others

- Authenticity

- Kindness

Spiritual/Self-Care/Self-Love Themes:

- Grounding/Stillness/Breathing

- Mindfulness Practices

- Transformation emergence (imaginal cells)

- Release what doesn't serve us anymore

- Appreciation

- Oneness

- Relationships grow deeper

- Grieve fully

- Find purpose

- Trauma - find our inner strength

- Deepen spiritual values

- Humans are operating in the 5D light bodies

- A group of 10,000 yogic flyers, people who are trained to enliven the field of pure consciousness and produce an influence that will impact our entire world


- Create a world in which each child is told from birth "You are a Steward of the Earth. Enjoy your job of caring for what you were born into and onto.”

- Focus the foundation of the educational system on teaching the “core spiritual truths” of who we are as humans and why we are here on Earth.

- Make Education Centers - hubs for every community.

- Integrate Mindfulness practices.

- Focus on each person’s passions, talents, and gifts.

- Support reading, writing, and mastery of at least two languages.

- Emphasize critical thinking across all subjects and curricula.

- Support the habits of self-discipline.

- Develop the student’s voice.

- Learn to trust inner guidance.

- Use Elders as mentors.

- Parents and teachers should become true guides for every child to grow into their wholeness as a greater priority than a degree.  

- Create an environment where teenagers can confidently know their inner worth and are valued by the community.

- Learn about history and the struggle of all peoples, the roots of racism and economic inequality, and solutions for eliminating all forms of discrimination and oppression.

A two-year program:

- 1st year focus: Create a gratitude program to understand and experience how we all are interdependent with one another. - 2nd year focus: Work with different organizations to get mentoring and experience and learn technical, self-mastery, and emotional resiliency skills.

National Service: Let's implement a year of paid national service for all Americans. The service could be focused on the environment, rebuilding decayed urban and rural communities, supporting pre-school education, maintaining parks, and much more. It would intermix Americans who otherwise remain separate on the basis of ethnicity, class, religion, and political views. 

Leadership and Social Organization:

- Women move into the highest levels of leadership everywhere and gender becomes a non-issue for both men and women achieving their full human potential

- Stewardship of land for ourselves and future generations in the spirit of All of My Relations

- All human groups globally share in a vision of humanity that fully acknowledges we are ONE with ALL of creation

- Public lands are overseen by indigenous peoples in collaboration with other governing bodies

- Inclusive government with all stakeholder participation

- Technology serves us; we don't serve it (clear policies and guidelines)

- In close communication with our intergalactic brothers and sisters

- Daily Community Circle for Reconciliation and Reparation for Peoples and Lands

(We create spaces of sanctuary and ceremony in our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, and our worlds for restitution, feeling, healing, sharing, and celebration.)

Revitalization/Renewal of Earth and Meeting Human Needs:

- All basic needs are provided free of cost with adequate funds provided to support each person to develop their inherent gifts.

- Clean water, clean air, equality of opportunity, fulfilling and purposeful employment, healthcare, acceptance, and love are widely available and understood as forms of true wealth.

- Walkable/bikeable communities

- Sustainable public transportation

- Businesses developed that meet the unique needs of each community - Sustainable human population in balance with the Earth and voluntary reproductive health and family planning services provided everywhere to everyone

- Open space everywhere

- Eco-friendly, self-sustaining communities across the globe

- There is an abundance of water through de-salinization. 

- Whole-Earth Park where we each plant native species for our area

- Permaculture and holistic management for farming and range management that lowers carbon emissions dramatically across the globe while providing healthy, accessible food

- All manufacturing is based on cradle-to-cradle recycling, bio-mimicry, and renewable non-toxic and non-polluting materials and energy sources. Magnetic engines power the planet moving us away from stripping the Earth of its natural resources.


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