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Osiris:Isis is a non-physical entity that came through to Karin Lubin in 2002 beginning with an automatic writing process. Karin was then able to give voice to the words and images that Osiris:Isis gave to her. She has been sharing these wise words and reflections with others when called on by people who wish for a broader perspective on life. It is useful to write down 3-7 important life questions to ask in an Osiris:Isis reading beforehand and have them ready. You do not need to share them with Karin prior to the reading. At some point you may be asked by Osiris:isis if you have questions during the reading. Please read and sign below after booking your appointment.

Price: $188.00

Format: ZOOM Reading or telephone call

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I understand that any information given during a reading is offered for its suggestive and informative value and is to be considered as one of many “paths” I could consider. I understand that all information provided by Osiris:Isis is given in the spirit of love and growth. It may be metaphorical and therefore not literal. Therefore, I must rely on my own inner wisdom to derive what feels right for me and leave that which I am not ready for.

In a Zoom or telephone reading, Osiris:Isis will tune in to you. Please provide the following information to aid that process:

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