Online Journaling Spark and Soul Wisdom Circle


Welcome to your new Online Journaling Spark and Soul Wisdom Circle membership page! I am very excited to be on this journey with you. On this page, I will be sharing recordings, PowerPoints, and more!

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Audio Recordings

  • Energy Practice


  • Guided Visualization for Grounding


  • Guided Visualization for Calling on Your Clearest Self

  • Heart Meditation


Call Information

Our calls will be held on Tuesdays at:

  • 3:00pm Pacific

  • 4:00pm MTN

  • 5:00pm CEN

  • 6:00pm EST

Our zoom call line will be: Join URL:
If you do not have zoom, you can download it for free:


Book Information

Here is an overview of the books I will be introducing that connect with the seasonal themes.

Guided Visualization for GroundingKarin Lubin
00:00 / 20:57
Guided Visualization for Calling on YourKarin Lubin
00:00 / 10:05
Heart MeditationRandy
00:00 / 07:10

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