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A Powerful Reflective Tool for Therapists, Coaches and their Clients

Reduce stress, journal for wholeness, and access your wisdom and soul 


Living from My Centered Self:

An Internal Family Systems Wisdom Journal

by Elaine Casquarelli, PhD, and Karin Lubin, EdD

Four quarterly editions adapted to using Internal Family Systems Therapy (originally developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz). Each edition explores two of the 8 Characteristics of Self to build greater presence and love on your inner journey.


Curiosity and Clarity


Courage and Creativity


"I am totally grateful for the book. It provided me a chance to pay attention to my parts each morning and this was most helpful to them. Thank you for the work you are doing for our community and others using IFS! I appreciate that so much."
           —Tiff Morgan 

  • Connect with your internal parts—from the parts who are resilient to the ones who are suffering and in need of release and transformation.


  • Connect with your centered Self—which can enable you to embrace all of your parts and help them release their burdens and live in greater peace and wholeness.


  • Connect with your inner wisdom—to create caring and health-filled relationships from a place of Self, the Self which encompasses openness, compassion, authentic respect, and loving-kindness.


  • Enhance personal and spiritual growth. 


  • Live in greater alliance with your vision of overall wellness.


  • Use in conjunction with your counseling or coaching work to bring you greater internal harmony.

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