​Quantum Wisdom Coaching four-month package

Using intuition, creativity, visualizations, journaling, and energy-release work, Karin helps you clarify your goals and reinforce your resiliency to create a bigger impact in the world with your business, your service, and all your relationships by

  • Connecting to and aligning with what lifts you up—using your passions as the driving force to help you fulfill your purpose 

  • Creating personal habits and rituals to support your new path of embodiment.

  • Developing greater self-respect, compassion, and self-love to be able to share more authentically of yourself. 

  • Releasing old beliefs using energy work to clear and enhance your new foundation of confidence, clarity and emotional resiliency.

  • Dropping into a deeper and more sacred connection to your divine self.

  • Allowing and enhancing your intuitive gifts.

  • Developing your highest personal vision and mission for serving others in life and business.

  • Creating boundaries to experience greater power and less energy drain.

  • Building your confidence and communication skills to better understand others and help them understand what you need and want.

  • Using My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner to support your practice during and after coaching.

  • Using models of awareness, energy, and body practices to deepen your own connection to the unique interweaving of your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects that is current with who you are today. 


Coaching Sessions

  1. Two sessions: Introduction to the inquiry process and Inner Confidence and Self compassion module (based on Self Love Mastery).

  2. Three sessions: The Passion Principle (based on the Passion Test process) and Discovery, Passions, and Markers. 

  3. Two Sessions: Activating Your Purpose with wisdom from Osiris and Isis, channeled energy systems. 

  4. Three sessions: Creating new habits and releasing old beliefs (Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Marilee Adams), Choice Map, Tapping, Yuen Method, body release & integration and The Work of Byron Katie.

  5. Two wrap-up sessions: Integration, Action and Accountability, using the Journal in continued transition, staying connected to what matters to you, and your unique Inspired Purpose-driven Action Plan.



All sessions use a private Zoom video conference link. 

Schedule a free call with Karin if you think this might be a good fit. 

Let's connect! Contact me:  info@karinlubin.com

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