Why I Created This Journal

Over the last fourteen years as a coach and trainer I’ve noticed more people experiencing more mental pain, suffering and loss of purpose and meaning. Suicide rates are on the rise, people feel less connected to themselves and to each other, and they act more fearful and alienated than ever before. Our mindsets regarding our physical and spiritual health do not resonate. Our society overemphasizes the rational, cognitive, “doing” (or masculine) side of ourselves and tends to overlook the intuitive, “being” (or feminine) side. 


In the past, women and men felt they needed to choose feminine or masculine energy to define themselves. Growing awareness of gender fluidity and exploring gender as a spectrum makes this feel like an outdated way of thinking. 

Our overly active, linear, logical, results-driven, masculine side is predominant, to the detriment of our gentler, intuitive, sensual, vulnerable, soft and creative feminine side. The universal dance of the Tao (the integration of the two energy principles) has gotten way off kilter. Western society seems to have lost the ability to honor both sides. We are desperately in need of

rediscovering and rebalancing our energies in a new way in order to thrive in the future. We have so alienated ourselves from the natural world; it feels imperative that we reconnect with nature and with the rhythms and cycles of the earth and the seasons. 


I have often recommended my clients use journals, yet I never found one that helped them get in touch with their feelings, helped integrate their feminine and masculine energies in a holistic and synergistic way, and fostered an awareness of the natural world.


I decided to create the journal I could not find anywhere. My Life Through the Seasons: A Wisdom Journal and Planner focuses on developing and refining your healthy and robust emotional intelligence to help you explore and deepen your inner experience. By tapping your innate wisdom, you learn more about yourself and begin to deepen and trust your inner guidance and the signals that express and embody your own unique blend of feminine and masculine energy.


Now is the time to hold and honor both the feminine and the masculine as sacred—the doing and the being—as you open to the natural rhythms of the earth and the cycles of the seasons.


My hope is that counselors, therapists or coaches use this journal with their clients as a tool to define, refine, dive in and explore how to talk about, understand and build emotional intelligence and resiliency in this changing world.

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