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Getting Off the Hamster Wheel of Overwhelm

Hi, I'm Karin Lubin, EdD, Stress & Resiliency Coach, 

and I work with successful professionals who feel overwhelmed, lacking in purpose, and disconnected from themselves and from something larger.

We're living in a world where the outer, physical world is affirmed, while the invisible world—the world within us—continues to be ignored or denied. This contributes to a severe lack of connection to something larger, and a real hunger for the mystical, magical, and sacred in our daily lives. 

I work with heart-based women and men who consider themselves successful and strategic in their professional lives, yet still feel something is missing. I find people often unconsciously fall into negative self-talk, feel  scared or numbed out, and use habits that self-sabotage. A coach or mentor can help you look at limiting beliefs that hold you back and help you reclaim a sense of soulful direction, purpose, and meaning. 


I have been there myself and I can help you. I will spark hope, renewal, and wholeness back into your life!

I help my clients:

  • Ignite with optimism and wholeness

  • Feel connected, renewed and empowered

  • Feel at peace and light-hearted again

  • Shift into greater balance, freedom, and ease 

  • Experience clarity and compassion for themselves and others

  • Be their best self and do their best work at any stage in life

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Karin Lubin intuitively coaches you to integrate your unique combination of body, mind, and spirit into a new and enhanced version of your highest self.  


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